• Yes, more to love.
  • There are many big dog lovers out there, I'm one of them since I love Newfoundlands, but I think the majority of people don't like them that large.
  • Personally i prefer bigger dogs because they generally have nicer personalities while small dogs are yappy and bite more. x
  • When I go to a dog park, a majority of the dogs there are little. Many people prefer small dogs because they are easier to keep in the house. Personally, I like larger dogs... but a large yard is often necessary.
  • I prefer big dogs... the bigger they are the more gorgeous I think they are! They tend to have better personalities.. little dogs have a tendency to over-compensate for their size and be a little annoying. Besides, I love walking through the door and getting rushed by a big dog standing on his back legs to "hug" me.. much better than a yappy thing at my feet =D
  • I like all dogs however I don't have the physical strength I used to have. A big dog is out for me. An older rescue dog sounds right for me. Most people don't want to adopt them. I would for sure. They deserve a good end of life experience.
  • I personally like both
  • Huh? This question doesn't make sense. Then little dogs what?
  • No. My pooch is lovely and small and she lies on my lap, while I tickle her soft, warm fur and she snores and dribbles all down my favourite pair of tracksuit bottoms, leaving a patch of delightful wetness....

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