• Because, as the Bible says, foolishness (evil) is bound up in the heart of a child. It takes much diligent effort to train that out of them.
  • Well, depending on the age of a child, it seems like different reasons. I've seen many a two year old haul off and smack another kid because they havn't developed the emotional maturaty to empathize yet. It takes a lot for them to ponder the feelings of others. I suppose the same could be said for pre-teens, and they are really cruel! Just not very emotionally mature yet. They don't realize that many of the things they tease about are beyond the victim's control. (such as a disability or being from a poor family)
  • immaturity self-centeredness inability to empathize
  • Left over primitive insticts from the times before civilizations matured human minds at work. Most get over it as they grow up. A few do not.
  • We all are born in sin. No one is born as a sage. Kids are immature, very possessive and more importantly, they are humans too! Only as they grow up and gain knowledge, they are able to discrete as what is right or wrong.
  • Children experient so that they can learn about the world but some lose their way a bit and become cruel people. Most kids who are creul stop being like that when they get older. As humans our thought processess can rule over any innate behaviours anyway.
  • Cruel children target other children who are weaker than them in an attempt to get social approval.
  • Children can be cruel from poor parenting. A parent (or parents) treats their child (or children - plural) differently from other parents. Bad parenting is the cause of children bullying other children who are different from them.

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