• Start out by making a budget. If you overspend, you might have a few problems. Once you have your budget, decide where to hold it: in a rented hall, perhaps, or at a home of a friend. Make a guest list of 1) every person who you know well, 2) every person you see daily, 3) every person you knew a few years ago, 4) every person you have ever had contact with in your entire life, and 5) perfect strangers who might be interested in your book. Based on how many people can come to your party, start with #1 and invite down the list. Buy some food for your guests. Don't forget music. If you know anyone who plays in a band, hire them, or a DJ if that's what you would prefer. Make your book release party fun!
  • Follow these 3 steps: 1) Grab a book 2) Chuck it across the room 3) PARTY!!!!!!!!!!
  • hire a party planner or a caterer

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