• I have a can of Campbell's Tomato soup that expired in 2004. My husband won't let me throw it away. He says "canned food doesn't go bad, and we don't waste good food in this house!"
  • I don't even want to know....
  • I have a packet of Quinoa that I bought once from a health food shop about 4 years ago. I cooked something with it once and it tasted like crap, like eating grit. Even my pet rats turn their cute little pink noses up at it. It has been sitting there ever since, sod that garbage, if I want grain I will eat oatmeal, rice or cracked wheat instead. It isn't like I am living in a 3rd world country and have no choice, Gillian McKeith can kiss my fudgy ass with her fake PhD and her ridiculously inpractical, un-medically proven diets.
  • definitely some of the spices - decades old. Need to toss.
  • No idea, it was green and furry when I cleaned it out yesterday, might have been that pizza bread I bought once, the good thing is it had its own topping,lol
  • The spices I brought up here when I moved a month ago!

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