• Martial Arts of some kind.
  • Any sport will do, I'd reccomend soccer though, because you are always involved in the game.
  • Kick boxing Tae Bo marathon running
  • Squash/racketball. Or any racket sports is good tennis/badminton. Very satisfying to twat a ball about and quite sociable if you join a club. Martial arts such as Taekwondo is good for using up excess energy and focusing your energy and your mind also you get to punch and kick pads which is fun.
  • Shooting. Get yourself something like a .22cal rifle or handgun and go to the range and shoot.
  • Skydiving. Whatever it is that you're stressed, angry or frustrated about, it won't mean a thing when you're about to jump into the abyss. It's a great leveller. Go do it.
  • Yoga is a good stress release. Any competetive sport is good for getting your frustrations out. Good luck picking something.
  • Yoga. This article will explain a little about stress relief: Benefits of yoga listed on another site: Physiological Benefits of Yoga Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium Pulse rate decreases Respiratory rate decreases Blood Pressure decreases (of special significance for hyporeactors) Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) increases EEG - alpha waves increase (theta, delta, and beta waves also increase during various stages of meditation) EMG activity decreases Cardiovascular efficiency increases Respiratory efficiency increases Gastrointestinal function normalizes Endocrine function normalizes Excretory functions improve Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase Breath-holding time increases Joint range of motion increase Grip strength increases Eye-hand coordination improves Dexterity skills improve Reaction time improves Posture improves Strength and resiliency increase Endurance increases Energy level increases Weight normalizes Sleep improves Immunity increases Pain decreases Steadiness improves Depth perception improves Balance improves Integrated functioning of body parts improves Psychological Benefits of Yoga Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase Mood improves and subjective well-being increases Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase Social adjustment increases Anxiety and Depression decrease Hostility decreases Concentration improves Memory improves Attention improves Learning efficiency improves Mood improves Self-actualization increase Social skills increases Well-being increases Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase Self-acceptance increase Attention improves Concentration improves Memory improves Learning efficiency improves Symbol coding improves Depth perception improves Flicker fusion frequency improves Biochemical Benefits of Yoga Glucose decreases Sodium decreases Total cholesterol decreases Triglycerides decrease HDL cholesterol increases LDL cholesterol decreases VLDL cholesterol decreases Cholinesterase increases Catecholamines decrease ATPase increases Hematocrit increases Hemoglobin increases Lymphocyte count increases Total white blood cell count decreases Thyroxin increases Vitamin C increases Total serum protein increases Yoga Health Benefits versus Exercise Benefits: Yoga Benefits Parasympathetic Nervous System dominates Subcortical regions of brain dominate Slow dynamic and static movements Normalization of muscle tone Low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments Low caloric consumption Effort is minimized, relaxed Energizing (breathing is natural or controlled) Balanced activity of opposing muscle groups Noncompetitive, process-oriented Awareness is internal (focus is on breath and the infinite) Limitless possibilities for growth in self-awareness Exercise Benefits Sympathetic Nervous System dominates Cortical regions of brain dominate Rapid forceful movements Increased muscle tension Higher risk of injury Moderate to high caloric consumption Effort is maximized Fatiguing (breathing is taxed) Imbalance activity of opposing groups Competitive, goal-oriented Awareness is external (focus is on reaching the toes, reaching the finish line, etc.) Boredom factor
  • Dodgeball Kickball Martial Arts Or just good old fashioned running!
  • Most sports are great for doing that... Any sport I have done has always been a great stress relief, from ninjutsu to hockey. For me though, the one that always calms me down the best is running. You get that chance to think while running, or clear your head - which ever is needed!
  • Here is a good sport that the Guardians of Recreation recommend: Disc Golf! I recommend it also, because it is fun, cheap to play, get exercise, and is for all ages:
  • RUGBY!!!!! you get to tackle all the people, and it is a mix of soccer and football!!! see Don.Coltsfan's explaination for the soccer part, but the foot bal, just think about it...

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