• I would not. To me that means he is ashamed to be married and plans to be married while seeing others on the side. Ring is a symbol of love for one person and if he doesn't love me enough to wear it, he doesn't love me
  • i AM married to a man who refuses to wear a wedding ring it's the inner commitment that counts
  • Probably not, unless its in his culture to not wear one. Rings are a great indicator for other women to know that he is in an eternally committed relationship.
  • Some people can't as part of their jobs.
  • Absolutely, the ring isnt what marriage is about. People often remove wedding rings for comfort or safety. It is not uncommon for those who have professions that forbid the wearing of jewelry such as, actors, police officers, or electrical workers, people that work on machinery.
  • If I bought him one...and it fits...and he doesnt work a job that it might get ripped off his finger and make it into nothing but a bone....and he still dont wear it?....Somethings up with that?...He should want to wear it. But if we couldnt buy it...No. If it could harm him at If he looked stupid in but just cuz "he dont want to"...why??? What is he hiding.
  • I would hope that a piece of jewelry would not stop two people truly in love from getting married. If so then they are not truly in love but instead are "in love" with the idea of being married.
  • Men who wear wedding rings cheat all the time. Also, men who wear them can remove them when they're away from home. Rings can be very dangerous if you are an auto mechanic or work with power tools. Your finger can be ripped off simply because your ring got caught on something. Wearing a wedding ring doesn't insure faithfulness any more than not wearing a wedding ring means he plans to cheat. Happy Tuesday.:)
  • I seen and heard that, some men's are wearing wedding rings while they are around with their wives or families, but when they go out or some where, they remove their wedding rings from their fingers. Why you want to worry about it? It's not important about rings, it's important between two souls, honest, understandings and feelings.
  • Definitely, I doubt that I would wear one if I were to be married, I pretty much only wear jewelry made out of hemp, shells, or wood and I lose most of that as it is.
  • Sure. Some men work jobs that are too dangerous for rings. Mechanics can have fingers and hands torn off because of rings in the workplace. Also, some people just find rings uncomfortable. They might find it hard to write with a ring on, or it might just feel too weird for them. I don't mind that. I don't need someone to wear a ring to prove that they love me. I can sympathize with men who don't want to wear wedding rings. If I was married right now, I wouldn't be wearing one as I have developed an allergy to metals, to which I have not found a solution.
  • Depends on the reason, primarily his work and if jewelry would get entangled in machinery. However, I would like him to be enthused enough to wear it the minute he could.
  • Many males,by the nature of their work are not able to wear their wedding ring.It is a safety issue. As a woman in control of your man ,would you still demand that your husband wear that ring ?
  • Neither I or my wife wear a ring. I can't due to my work and my wife quit wearing hers 14 or 15 months ago. I asked her why and she told me that I wasn't man enough for her...WTF???!!!! Anyway I think she just needs to get into therapy and re-learn how to be my little cookie cutter.
  • Well this is a tough one....i probably wouldnt marry a man who REFUSED to wear it, if there was no reason. If it was because of work, you could take it off and put it back on after working. A couple should definitely wear their rings if they are married.
  • I wear one and I'm not married. It just stops religious freaks from being all holier than though about the fact you don't need to be married to live together and raise children.
  • Sure. I don't wear my wedding ring why should he?
  • My Marriage is based on more than the ring. My husband doesn't always wear his doesn't bother me.
  • Yes I would as long as he proved to be a trustworthy man. Many men do not like jewelry...
  • I don't wear one either, so i can't really say much about it
  • I am not a woman, but women should realize it is not about cheating or anything like that but it is a safety matter. If the husband works around mechanical equipment, is a mechanic of any kind then rings can get hung up on things and severely cut or even amputate a ring finger. this is also true for women who work around mechanical equipment. Writing a report one time I came across a photo of a man who caught his ring on a running engine lathe. He not only lost his finger but it also ripped out the bone in the hand connecting the finger to the wrist but also pulled the ligaments out up to his elbow and shoulder wrapping them on the work in the lathe. When I was working aircraft, one of my fellow workers had on his ring. He was exiting a C130 and his ring caught above the door. it ripped his ring finger off! I have also know of people being electicuted wearing a ring! I ask you therefore is the wearing of a wedding ring worth being maimed for life? I don't think so! Rings, necklaces, ties, anything dangeling is very dangerous to forget the not marrying someone because they won't wear their wedding ring.
  • If he had a very good reason for not doing so, sure. I've known many people, most in heavy equipment operation who avoided rings for safety, that wouldn't wear a ring because it was too easy to forget taking it off for work, so they just didn't wear it. Some people might need it off for work that isn't dangerous, but just because it interferes with what they do. My husband was a massage therapist for many years and he couldn't work with his ring, but it was simply to remove when he felt it was still on. But he felt it was meaningful to wear at other times when not working.
  • I'm not marrying anyone unless I trust them and if I do, they can wear one or not.
  • When my wife and I got married she did not offer me a wedding ring, and refused to let me wear one. Her thoughts were that marriage was in the mind, and due to my work she did not want to see me missing a finger because of a ring.

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