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  • That depends, where is she pierced? If it's in her breasts i think it's sexy, but if it's in her clit i am curious of whether or not she has any feelin there
  • my nipples, clit and labia are pierced..nipples and clit are much more sensitive now,can't have rough sex any more,,,,,
  • I think HELL YEAH! On like a chicken bone.
  • For me it no problem because I have my clit pierce, my belly button and my tongue.I even thinking about piercing my pussy lips.
  • Does absolutely nothing for me. I just think, "Owww, that must've hurt!!" It's not sexy. It just makes me want to cross my legs and grab my chest - and I'm a guy!!!.
    • officegirl
      Haha we agree on this!
  • I don't understand why people choose such forms of self-mutilation and adornment. Though I will admit when I was still a teenage I had one of my ears pierced cause I thought that was cool.

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