• Former presidents and their families are automatically accorded secret service protection. It used to be for their lifetimes, but now it is a maximum of ten years after leaving office.
  • Recognize that the definition of "safe place" has to include the presence of security. I'm a Democrat. I didn't vote for George Bush either time. The security for former Presidents is less invasive and pervasive than for current Presidents. But I don't begrudge them the protection they have. If it helps, think about what the pressures would be on President Obama to respond if some idiot looked at President Bush and thought, " that his guard is down...." I don't agree with President Bush's policies, but I'm happy to make sure he and his family are safe.
  • Former presidents still have national security information, so to have one taken captive by an enemy would be pretty bad. Not to mention that having a former head of state killed or captured would look really bad. Clinton still has a secret service detail. Living former presidents may have them still I don't recall if the change in guard detail was retroactive when it was put in place.

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