• yes, you can & it'll be healthier for you! if you want to make it even better, go with olive oil.
  • probably my mom does it w/ olive oil.
  • my word. You can substitute Canola for any fat. I have no butter or marg in the house now, just use Canola.
  • yes of course! You can substitute apple sauce as well for the oil anytime a recipe calls for oil to make lower fat desserts. CAN NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE.
  • yes you can, it will work perfectly
  • Sure, any liquid oil can sub for another; but why would you want to make brownies with oil? Is it from a mix or from scratch?
  • NO!! NO!! NO!! I just tried substituting Pure Wesson Canola Oil for vegitable oil in my Ghirardelli Triple Chocloate Brownie Mix. I ate one and threw the rest away. They are delicious with the Vegetable Oil that is called for on the box, but heavy and almost sour olive tasting with Pure Wesson Canola oil. I changed nothing else in the recipe. I'm writing this with a sour taste in my stomich after Googling to find out what went wrong. The other answers must be based on theory. Dont do it!

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