• Yes I have done it. It gives me a terrible ear ache if I do it too often, so I only do it if I feel I have impacted ear wax. It really does work. It will remove a huge chunk of wax out of your ears! Disgusting but kind of fascinating at the same time lol.
  • No I haven't. Not sure if that's something I would chance.
  • I hadn't even heard of it until about 3 weeks ago! No, I haven't had it done and not sure I could have it done.
  • Yes I did some years ago..
  • Yes, it was a nice session but I don't think it did anything. It was soothing and I felt nice, but I wouldn't say it was from the treatment itself. I'm all for many alternative methods, but I don't think this one works.
  • Holy SH*T! I've had several ear surgeries and am somewhat familiar with the construction of the ear, how it works, wax buildup and removal, reconstructive surgery, tubes, bone removal and replacement, and the like. "Ear candling" is something that I would NOT recommend to ANYBODY! This is the type of quackery which at the very least simply DOESN'T work, and MAY cause severe damage to the delicate internal structures of the ears! Take my advice when it comes to ear wax removal: See a REAL ENT doctor and have your ears periodically examined, tested, and treated. Wax removal can be tricky and involve simply pulling the excess wax out with instruments, using ear drops or warm water to soften the wax so it will drain, or flushing the ears with some kind of fluid. And excessive wax buildup MAY be a symptom of other problems that need treating as well. DON'T LET QUACKS STICK CR*P IN YOUR EARS THAT DON'T BELONG THERE!
  • I've never tried it, but one of my friends described it as having an ear orgasm!
  • Probably another example of New Age quackery... I've tried it, by the way, and I don't believe it had any effect.
  • Tried it once. Its ok. I think warm olive oil for a few minutes in both ears works better for me.
  • NO, have heard of it but never had it done & don't think I ever would. It doesn't seem like something that could be good to have done.
  • Interesting. I had never heard of this before.
  • Yes, my ears itched like crazy for about a month and it was driving me nuts. My chiropractor, masseuse, and hand therapist all recommended giving it a I did. The session was similar to a massage session, quiet and soothing. The practitioner showed me the results, which was rather icky, but my ears stopped itching and seemed clearer and the warmth from the process soothed my TMJ a bit. I recommend at least giving it a try!
  • I have done this, and later heard that it was terrible. And if you really want to clean a wax build up from your ear, put some mineral oil in, then let it drain slowly. Here is a nice article on why ear candling is not recommended:
  • I saw a friend do it and one time years later my mom did it for me and my ears smelled really bad for a while like all the wax I'd get out. And it's odd because now my ears do itch ALL the time and I'm sure I've done some damage in there because I'll put just about anything in my ear to relieve the itching. Qtips, pens, cell phone antennas, finger, wooding sticks. It's probably a mess in there I'd really like to get them cleaned properly and maybe relieve some of this itching.
  • Not me. Because its extemely dangerous, ie causing burns to the inner ear and it is totally not effective.
  • I started to lose some hearing loss about 3 years ago and made an appointment with the nurse at our doctor's surgery. She said that both of my ears had a large build up of wax which needed to come out. I was petrified at the thought of it because I'

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