• You probably run fast.
  • Hopefully you will have less problems as you age.
  • Your mind controls your body. If you think you feel bad, your body will follow suit by aching muscles, hurt back, etc. If your outlook on life is rosy, so will be your body. I have proven this over the past 65 years. The biggest benefit is longevity.
  • You can accomplish a lot.
  • A fullfilling and intersting one!
  • You feel good inside and out, I suppose. ^_^
  • Success.
  • self esteem less problems (health wise the main one) more secure ( mental stability) more productive and quite a few more...
  • You are in a better position to care for those who are not. I know, I care for my s/o of 36 years, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease ten years ago, is in what is deemed the Seventh, or Final, Stage, and who is, and has been totally dependent on me. I am grateful to be both mentally and physically fit enough to meet his every need. NOTE: We are BOTH doing GREAT! +5
  • you will be ready for just about anything.
  • Longer life probably.
  • Feeling Good and being able to go the Distance, and then you go outside and Hike!
  • Quality of Life
  • Well for one you could figuratively and literally beat the hell out of a chess player..... it was a joke...
  • I don't know about mentally, but being physically fit will get you the best chance at everything. If you look slovenly or as though you don't take care of yourself people will assume that's how you handle yourself with all of life. Remember, it's what's on the outside that counts.
  • Longevity with a great quality of life! :)
  • you feel much better in yourself.
  • I think the two can't exsist without each other. When a person excersizes on a regular basis, at least 4 or 5 times a week, the brain as well as the entire body is dosed with oxigen , which in turn, stimulates the brain to work at top efficency and the body to do the same as the metabolism increases also, and energy levels are hightened as well as ability to process calleries more effectivly throughout the day. (you continue to burn calleries 24 hours after a workout at a much higher rate than without) Endurance becomes much stronger as the time goes on with regular excersize, and after about a year or two, it's amazing how much more you are capable of doing without wearing yourself out. That's my personal favorite. I never lose energy, sleep like a log, and feel sharp mentally, and find myself, because of it, being much more creative as welll as productive in my daily thingys...hhahahahha it's the best kept secret that is whithin everybody's NIKE says, JUST DO IT. You'll be glad you did. I do it daily, 3 years June 1st, and will never stop.

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