• Yes, of course they do. It's not some third world country.
  • Right now, no it doesn't. My family is from South Africa, so they have first hand experience of what is happening out there, they all say that there is no way the WC will be successful with the way things are going. The chances of having the stadiums finished is small (they have already had to demolish work done on stadiums when they were found to be unsafe). Then there is the problem of not having electricity 7 days a week... the airports can't cope with the number of people who will be travelling.... there are problems with funding projects, let alone getting builders to accept contracts when there is no guarantee that they will be paid for it... So much mess! Something dramatic has to change for the World Cup to be successful by FIFA standards.
  • Well it hosted a good Rugby World Cup back in 2005, however it is a concern, it'll probably be as succesful as England trying to do the Olympics.

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