• If you mix it in with the lettuce in your salad you may not even realize it is there.It has far more nutrients than iceberg lettuce so it is much better for you. Plus cooking it looses some of those nutrients.I love it in my salad. Sometimes I just leave the lettuce out completely. Try starting with a bed of spinach. Then add some slices of strawberries, maybe some mandarin oranges, add some sunflower kernels and a lite vinigarette dressing. Yummy. And I'm not a vegetarian!
  • I love spinach especially when it is cooked with olive oil and lots of garlic. It also mixes well in with cheese and makes a great dip with sour cream and spices.
  • do this: make some cous cous cube and cook butternut grill some babty tomatoes and shred up some blanched spinach mix that all up and top it off with a chunky tomato gravy. its heaven...:P
  • You Can Buy This At A Grocery Store: They Are Like Pizza Rolls But They Are Made With Spinach & Feta Cheese They Are Really Good!
  • Don't cook it! If you want any real benefit from spinach you must it raw.
  • Sautee a bag of fresh spinach, about four stalks of green onions with a tablespoon of olive oil. Cook the onions first, then add the spinach for about a minute. Then sprinkle it with feta cheese and a little lemon juice. On the side you can have a sliced boiled egg with a couple of slices of tomato. It's really yummy!
  • It is really easy to cook this stuff. Make sure you wash it thoroughy first as there is sand in a bag of fresh. Get a strainer and just run the sink over it until you can't feel any grit. They have baby leaf spinach which is wonderful and some is pre-cleaned. The best way to start is just saute it in a little olive oil or butter or both. Salt and pepper to taste. See how you like that. You can add some garlic clove or wine too.
  • Sauteed or steamed is excellent. I like to add it to rice dishes or cream it with some garlic and top it with a poached egg for breakfast on an artichoke heart for Eggs Sardou. Raw is okay in salads or as your lettuce in a sandwich. But quick saute in some olive oil and garlic slices and add a few red pepper flakes, and you have an awesome side dish.
  • I love it sauteed with garlic in oil. I loved it in olive oil, but I'm allergic to that too, so now I'm using Canola and its good that way too. My mother used to boil it with onion and bacon. That was good too. Sometimes she'd boil it with onion and top it with roasted sunflower seeds. I had a friend whose mother layered spinach, hard boiled eggs and mashed potatoes.
  • spinach egg and cheese omlet is quick and good. add it to your salad, or alone, with any extras you like. add chicken, shrimp, steak strips, tomatoes, nuts, hard boiled eggs.... it's endless. I actaully rarely cook it.
  • try this indian dish- its one of myy faviourate foods:
  • I must admit, I was never a fan of spinach - but realise that it is a good healthy food, so I eat it. At first, I bought the frozen spinach, and added little chunks of it to things - throw a few chunks into pasta sauce, or stews or whatever. Then I got some baby spinach, which is good for salads! Now, I grow perpetual spinach - there are a lot of things you can do with it - add it to stir fries, risotto, spaghetti sauce etc - or.. Salmon and spinach puff: Roll out some puff pastry. Place a layer of spinach on it, then a piece of salmon on top. Spread some cream cheese on top o that, and sprinkle with lemon juice. Fold up the pastry around it like a parcel and bake in the oven til the pastry is puffed up and golden! Or: Spinach and goats' cheese strudel! Take about 6 sheets of filo pastry - brush each sheet with melted butter and layer them. Add a layer of fresh young spinach leaves, then some slices of goats cheese, then a few wee cherry tomatoes, and maybe a handful of cashews. Make a parcel, making sure the fold over bits are underneath. Brush again with melted butter and bake til crisp and oozing! (You can do this recipe with puff pastry too, if you prefer) Or: Potato topped spinach pie Finely chop and wilt a load of spinach leaves. Put them in the bottom of a deep pie dish (or lasagne dish). On top of that, put a layer of mushrooms in a creamy sauce. Then a handful of chopped walnuts. Then top the whole thing with mashed potato and bake til the potato starts to go nice a golden on top. There you go.. three good wholeson recipes! Or.. Spinach soup - cook it , liquidise it, add a litte cream - but.. also add a little bit of nutmeg to this one - brings out the flavour of the spinach!
  • Use raw spinach anyway you'd use regular iceberg lettuce - sandwiches or salads. Add spinach to egg dishes like quiche or omelets. Add spinach at the last second to your soups and stews. Add spinach to cream or oil based pasta sauces. Add spinach to the ricotta cheese layer of your lasagna.
  • Saute with olive oil and garlic.
  • I don't know if this is the exact recipe my MIL uses or not, but this kind of salad is delicious!
  • I eat spinach almost everyday. I grab two handfuls of fresh uncooked spinach and put it in the blender with some orange juice, bananas, mixed berries, yogurt, milk, and whatever kind of fruit I might have around. It tastes very good, and you can't even taste the spinach at all, even though about a third of the blender was packed with it.
  • A simple way to fix spinach that I enjoy is to put canned spinach in a pan and warm it up .... with a pat or two of margerine or butter so that it melts into the spinach ... Stir the two together and put in a bowel ... Dish out onto your plate and add one or two teaspoons of Apple Cider vinager ... and eat ...
  • Try steaming it with cheese and garlic.Technically,that's not a vegetarian,or vegan dish,but if you use low fat or fat free shredded cheeses,it's healty.I hope that this works out for you(The diet,I mean).*

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