• a trip down memory lane. There's some things that have happened in the past that I wish I could just completely forget ever happened.
  • Got lost globe trotting in the late 80's with my brother in Burkina Faso trying to cross over to Ghana, Africa. Got arrested as conspirators, whatever they meant, we'll never know it, 25 kilometers outside Leo. We were held for 6 days without food and maybe 10 ounces of water per day each. We thought we'd never get out of it ever and suddenly got released in the middle of the night without explanations, we didn't ask either :) Now a good memory!
  • Took a friend with us and my husband acted like she was his wife. I even walked off and neither knew I was gone. He opened the door for her and closed it on me, his interest was so much with her.
  • Broke down on the side of the road! Car overheated, 102 degrees and a baby 3 months old. MISERABLE! NOBODY would stop. Thanks goodness it was a short distance to a house. No other houses for 15 miles either direction. Phewwwww the man allowed me to call and also let us sit under his shade tree until help arrived. +5
  • I was 16, we were in Hawaii, teenage girl gets laid in paradise, right? WRONG! I was blowing this really cute guy on the beach in the dark when my FATHER walked up on us! AAAHHHHH!!!!!I still have tiny little anxiety attacks when I think about it!!
  • Well, we had to escort a convoy. but half way there the road was blocked and as soon as our vehicles stopped they ambushed us. The army was busy so we went into a house for cover and were sitting ducks there for over 14 hours. when we ran out of ammo so some of us had to go out and collect some from the dead bodies while the others provided some covering fire with their last rounds. 4 of my friends died there. 2 of them had family and kids.

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