• Yes, I think so, the new consciousness will win but as with every human struggle to emerge from ignorance, there will be casualties long after the issue is decided.
  • It's only a matter of time. In 1948, California became the first state in the U.S. to allow interracial couples to marry. Another 19 years passed before the U.S. Supreme Court changed the definition of marriage in 1967 and made interracial marriage available to loving, committed couples across the entire country. In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to allow same-sex couples to marry. California and Connecticut became the second and third in 2008. The status of SSM in California is before the courts as of 2009-APR-01. The court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 which narrowly overturned SSM in 2008-NOV. However, the court is not expected to forcibly divorce couples who married during 2008. If same-sex marriage takes as long as interracial marriage to spread across the country, the process will take until the mid 2020s to complete. The author of this essay, having being born in 1936, does not expect to see it during his lifetime.
  • Yes, and all we can hope is that the transition is a short one.

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