• Pro-choice is not pro-abortion, as it involves two equal choices: to have an abortion and to not have an abortion, so your question could be reversed to say that pro-choice means anti-abortion.
  • Just cause there is a choice it does not mean it will be used. just because i have the choice of abortion if i get pregnant it does make me get an abortion, it just gives me another choice.
  • Most people who are pro-choice are actually anti-abortionists. But, perhaps we ought to call "Pro-Life" supporters "Anti-Choice." Because, ultimately, most everyone is anti-abortion. Abortion isn't the fundamental center of the debate; choice is.
  • Because you can hate the idea of abortion, but still feel that people should have the choice to go in that direction if they wish.
  • It's semantics because nobody wants to admit they are pro-abortion. So they use the euphemism "pro choice" which is supposed to mean they can be against abortion but should have the right to abort a child for whatever reason they want. It's phony and dishonest.
  • Because pro-choice certainly doesn't mean pro-abortion. I've never met anyone in my life who is 'pro-abortion', who actively wants abortions to happen. It's about being in favour of a woman's right to choose. So you may as well say that the same person who is 'pro-abortion' is also 'anti-abortion'. Yeah? It's not all black and white. Choice. That's what it's all about.
  • Because it is not in the minds of many pro-choice upholders to say,ABORT...ABORT... ABORT...", but more in the lines of "I made a bad descision, and I can't let someone else pay for my mistakes!"
  • I think your question is right to the point. If it wasn't for people wanting to be able to choose to have an abortion there would be no issue. Nobody is fighting for the choice not to have an abortion. Anyone who says otherwise is either not being a hundred percent honest, or they really don't get it.
  • To misquote Wanda Sykes, no woman ever called her girlfriends and said "Let's go get abortions!" No one ever wants to be faced with that choice, but we would rather there be a choice available if it comes down to it. I'm not pro-abortion, in that I think all preggos should get one. I'm in favor of abortion when the woman is unwilling or unfit to carry a child, in favor of gestation when she is both willing and able to. Therefore pro-choice.
  • No expectant mother makes this decision easily. Who is anyone to accurately judge another accurately by what actions they take? This is between them and Great-Spirit.
  • That "Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate" isn't something people thought of themselves. One of the parties threw it into the public conversation (and continually re-do so) to deflect attention from things that might matter more, and to get votes from religious people for their stinky evil party. The answer to this doesn't need debating. A government's function IS NOT to be judging people's decisions for them, PERIOD. Beyond that, it's what I said. It's a phony-baloney political argument, a get votes from a particular segment of the populace. (The cynical thing about that is the people who think this stuff up KNOW that what they're inciting is the creation of "issue voters", and an issue voter is someone who is so interested in just THEIR own little interest, they don't even care what other truly awful thing the politician that offered them what they want is also going to do. This is bad. Besides..Leave women alone. They fought for rights. Let them make their own minds up. The American government shouldn't act like the Taliban. We're not a theocracy. We were founded, in fact, to establish and ensure religious FREEDOM. So when some large cult wants to make laws that enforce just their ideas, well nothing could be more UN-AMERICAN.
  • Pro- choice means nobody is going to call the pregnant woman names if she chooses to give birth and keep the baby. They are happy for her. Unlike pro-life who stalk abortion clinic patients and picket clinics calling women murders or who come on a site like this being judgemental finger pointers. That's the difference.

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