• They don't always.A friend of mine has custody of his daughter & his x;wifes as she left them w/him for a year before deciding she wanted them back.Also there is shared custody.Another friend has his daughter 4 days then his wife has 4 days.My dad got custody of my brother & I as our mom left when we were in our teens.Let's be honest though most mom's do the lion's share of the child rearing.Not to say there aren't lots of great dad's out there & sucky mom's too but still probably more mom's that do more.We're just wired that way.Men are more so wired to provide & protect.Just my opinion.
  • It is the up to the court i,am afraid to say
  • Men are just ash good are to take care of their children And i,am a women
  • They don't. I've spent 20 years teaching fathers how to prepare for a custody challenge. If you ask feminists, they would say fathers win in 80% of the cases, but they include joint physical custody cases. In primary residential cases, fathers have custody in 15% of the cases, of which only 15% get a child support award, of which only 5% receive any of it, and 10% if primary residential fathers still must pay child support.

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