• Disease, trench rot, psychological damage... Head and facial injuries were quite common because the head and face were most exposed to small arms fire. World War One actually ushered in a new era of plastic surgery and prosthetic technology to cope with the facial injuries. There was even a British society created after the war for veterans who suffered facial injuries... I believe it was called the "faceless society" but it's been a while since I read about it so I may be wrong.
  • Check out the youtube video I recently made on world war 1. warning: some of the footage is hard to watch, especially of the wounded guys and shell shock victums. Pass it on to others. The more views the better! Thanks!
  • My grandfather lost an arm in the trenches in WWI.
  • The Soldiers who have previously fought war, were not used to this technique and they had no time to practice the warfare and it was like on the spot training and fighting battle at the sametime.The new joinees on the other hand who were trained in the boot camp under different circumstances,were not able to cope with this effectively. . The trenches were not dug in proper manner and the scope of movement was very limited.You can't free yourself while throwing a grenade on the opponent and any miss took the lives of own people.If a shell fell directly in the trench,there was no option but to get out and be caught in the crossfire or stay there and get blown up.Many soldiers died unfortunate death in the trenches and someothers were crippled for life. . Talking of Psychological effect,it wasn't a pleasant one for any.Genarally people who were close to one another stayed close in trench only to see the friends drilled by bullets or tattered by a shell explosion.It put severe Psychological effects on teh soldiers which they were unable to cope with even after retirement. .

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