• There are multiple ways. The simplest it to install a good AV scanner like Avira, Vipre, or AVG. I recommend you install and Vipre trial, then uninstall it, use avira then remove avira, install AVG Free. If the virus still remains, you may have to take the disk "offline" and scan it as a non boot drive. This will or may require you to dissemble your PC and add a second hard drive and install a copy of windows to it. These are other ways, but the two methods I described will take care of nearly all virusus. The more persistant ones will require an expert to remove. As a rule of thumb, never have two or more Antivirus scanners installed on the same machine, they will attack each other and have caused permanent blue screens. And always download the latest definitions and updates before you do a deep or whole system scan.
  • I've been online for 10 years and I have only gotten a virus once that I can remember and Avast caught it instantly. I have either Avast or Avg on all my computers. Both seem to work about equally well but AVG can be harder to download so I use Avast on 3 out of 4 of my computers. Both are free antivirus programs.
  • I use norton and havent had any viruses since
  • A virus can be transmitted many ways, emails, infected programs, worms which self replicate and send out their "offspring" to other PCs, storage mediums like floppy or memory cards or CD/DVD or Commercially bought CD/DVD or some consumer electronics have come from the factory with a virus installed on them. (Don't buy off brand Chinese crap like Vizio or Insignia)
  • Never... that's one of the Joys of using Linux :
  • Really never since we installed Norton Anti-virus. We get alerts that there were some attempts, but none have affected us.
  • well, constantly deleted cookies etc..but, no viruses..noticed a lot of people here use Norton..might check that out..
  • As far as I know I have not gotten one yet. If I have, I never noticed! :)
  • I sneeze on it once in a while. Aside from that, I have no clue how the damn thing works.
  • Never. After over 5000 hours exploring the internet, I have had the sum total of three PUPs, and that's with XP Pro.
  • It's rare if I do. The AVG antivirus software protects a computer from online threats by scanning and locking downloaded files.
  • Very rarely since I use an antivirus program.
  • I clean out cookies on a daily basis. I like SpyHunter to do reconnaissance on my computer to locate anything I might have picked up - it usually comes out clean. [] I used Norton years ago until it almost destroyed my computer - slowing it down so much that it took days to scan the files it infected, ending with the blue screen of death. I'll use nothing at all before I use Norton again. Superantispyware is quite thorough, but it's a little too picky and picks up on the least little thing that it's rather annoying to use.

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