• I think fifteen but it should be monitored somewhat.
  • I would say 16, or they age when they can drive themselves! Im sure you dont want to taxi your children around anymore than you already have to.... Thats what we're going with...hope this helps!
  • Ours can begin GROUP dating at 16 (meaning they must be with a group of people and NOT alone with their girlfriend) When they move out of the house, they can do as they please. We have until then to instill morals and standards to them.
  • I think 16 is a good age. But I think they should have to be with others that are older/elders to them. I mean come on we were all 16 once and we know what goes on with 16 yr old boys/girls!!! Trust issue must be there from the start. If you don't trust them, they must earn it before they proceed!!! +5
  • 16. I was allowed to start at age 13 and it was WAY too young. I did things I still regret 17 years later.
  • Well; I believe that it should be 16 depending upon the maturity, grades, and home situation (if they help around the house , yard ect) .... I read that teen pregnancies INCREASED 45% since 2002 !! That is scary ; especially when you watch Maury and see all these guys trying to escape their responsability.

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