• Depends on how hard it is to get into enough clothing that accumulates one inch :D
  • Depends on how you're going about it.
  • Depend on diet and the work out training you are doing.You take your protein intake properly and stick to your work our regime regularly,it would take an average person around 4 weeks to 6 weeks.Remember,that's not that easy as it appears typing,it takes a lot out of you.
  • A difficult one to answer..this will depend on a number of factors that include.. Workout duration and intensity Diet..including fluid consumption Body type Amount of time in training..
  • It depends on many factors, but I would say six months would be a proper amount of time without undue risk of injury. Go heavier with lower repetitions. I had fallen off the weights for a few months and lost about 1/2". It took me about three months to get it back. Yes, you can build faster, but you also increase risk of injury.

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