• No, I think people do.
  • No I think religion does a great deal of good for the world. Atheists often have no idea the untold billions of dollars that go from religious charities and organizations straight to those in need. Get rid of all the charities with a religious background and see what you have left.
  • Come on then everyone, downrate it! Downrate my answer too! Go back through my old questions and answers and downrate as many as you can! Christ on a bike, it's a simple question.
  • I don't think religion is inherently bad or that it causes harm. I think many, many people misuse religion and misuse people's unwavering belief in that religion to promote their own interest at other people's expense.
  • I think it does do more harm than good. That doesnt mean it is all bad. Anything that teaches, I am right and if you do not agree with me then you are evil - is itself evil in my opinion. Basically, most religious people believe that they follow the one true God and everyone elses relgion is false. This means no matter which one we choose as right - the majority of people are following a false God. (Im an atheist - so that makes me extra bad). So althoguh I beleive the majority of religious people are good people, such a premis of every other relgion is inherently evil, helps lead to wars, mistrust hatred and so on. There are a few religions that do not put their faith abover the rights of others. E.g. they would not harm a fly let alone a fellow human being - no matter what that human beings beliefs are, but unfortunately they are in a minority. The Bible preaches there is only one true god and all overs are false - the work of the Devil. The Koran is the same .... The hatred in osme areas between people of similar faiths (Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland) is so upsetting. Then look at the issues around Israel and the Palestinians. OK its not all to do with religion but it is over 90%. I look at the crusades and the attrocities commited by all sides - the Christians, The Muslims, the Jews for profiteering. I look at the way the Catholic church treated Galileo and Copernicus for saying the Earth went around the sun. The Spanish Inquisiton. The Holocaust. The Atheists treatment of religious groups is not good idea (think of the Soviet Union after 1917). Many relgions do do lots of good. Charity work etc. But the world would be a much better place if they had not been invented. Finally religion is used by many trolls as a reason to downrate people for having a different opinion.
  • It depends on how you take it... religion can make your life feel more meaningful and enlightened. If you feel that your religion is causing harm to human life then may be you have failed to understand your religion.
  • Religion, although it has had its fare share of responsibity for harm in our history, is responsible for for more good. Something to remember, if you look for only bad in something, it will only be bad. Look for only good in it, and it will be only good. Seek to find out what it truly is, without any expectations one way or the other, and you will be the wiser for it. Look at ALL the effects of religion in the world, and you will find that without it, we could not have survived as a society, in spite of the evil man has done with it.
  • I think it can when people take it too far.
  • We must rememeber that religions are Man-made, with all their little petty rules and regulations. That is where the harm comes in. Reilgion as a concept does no harm, it is Mans' interminable interpretations that bring conflict
  • It depends. Some religions are definitely "hate mongers" and killers. They kill thousands and make those who live virtual prisoners of fear. Others, like Christianity, base their believes on love for your fellow man. These are the ones who send missionaries and aid to poverty stricken countries, feed and clothe our own poor. They do much good.
  • In some ways yes, It beliefs can be taken too far..
  • No I think most religions teach people how to do good and be a better person.
  • Depends on which religion. I don't see the Amish on YouTube chopping off heads.
  • ALL religion should not be lumped together...As with politics, we have a choice... To choose the religion that is best for everyone... And surely the TRUE God has his set of rules... And if we agree that the Bible is ' the rules'...then our religion must be compared against what it says... Example...(Acts 5:42) And every day in the temple and from house to house they continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news about the Christ, Jesus. WHO does this? Only J.W's... Another one...(Exodus 20:4, 5)
  • Don't be silly. Science hardens hearts to drop nukes on innocent civilians. Religion softens hearts to care for the survivors of nukes.
  • Islam does.
  • There is only one true religion [Ephesians 4:1-4 ] False religion does harm.
    • pugwashjw65
      I agree...but on what ' grounds' ...try a few scriptures.
  • no , but it doesn't deliver. all talk and no show. God exists within you as you..... Religion does not give you a direct experience of God and This is what is necessary for each person.

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