• Yes, because people have the freedom to shut their eyes. but also, its not necessarily that people don't see it, its more that they pretend not to see it.
  • People filter their thoughts and perceptions to match their current belief system. They do this to maintain psychological homeostasis and prevent cognitive dissonance. It also helps if you really want to fit into a chosen social group.
  • Yes i think a lot if the time people will only see or at least admit to seeing what they want to see. Apathy, afraid to be involved. Do not want to rock the boat. Lots of reasons for many different situations
  • don't know why. it certianly seems to be that way.
  • I believe that we do. We all have our own beliefs and perceptions and preconceptions and in order for our minds to work, we must fit everything into that framework of our cerebral model of reality in some readily comprehensible way. If we don't reality becomes an untenable place and our psyche crumbles. Either that or we get reprogrammed.
  • ummmmmm, if you're talkin about dead people, yeah. anybody seen the Sixth Sense?....
  • I once saw a picture of a billboard. Background was sky-blue, and it had pictures of flowers, green vines, birds flying around, butterflies, and so forth. In the middle, in big letters, was the word "SPRING." It also had vines growing around it, flowers, and so forth. I looked at it several times until I finally realized they had intentionally left out the letter "P." It actually said "SRING." The reason I didn't notice it is part of this question, but there's a second part. I believe that people not only see what they WANT to see, but what they EXPECT to see. In the billboard example, the background, flowers, butterflies, and so forth suggested spring, so that's what people expected to see in the word. It did take several close looks to realize the letter "P" was missing. At first, I saw the word "SPRING." Anyway, I think that, most of the time, what someone WANTS to see and what they EXPECT to see will be what they DO see, even if it's not entirely accurate.

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