• The only one I will recommend to you is huffing the gas out of a whip cream can. Just sit down before you inhale it just to be safe. This is the only household item that I feel is not too dangerous to use. There are many other things you can get high off of around the house, but they can be very harmful and I don't want any idiots hurting themselves. Whip cream nitrous is high quality and there is not enough in the can to really harm you as long as you are sitting down the whole time.
  • Ask your parents, I sure they would be willing to give you a few suggestions.
  • how about a BOOK
  • Your dad's secret box, that is filled with elements that will make you fly baby.
  • milk, it helps you grow high
  • sniff rubber glue
  • Do u really want to chance it - even first time exposure can lead to brain damage or nerve damage similar to multiple sclerosis; damage to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys; and prolonged abuse can affect thinking, movement, vision and hearing.
  • Let's see...there's Godiva's Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice Cream....a nice softened brie....a cup of Lady Grey tea....a good documentary...For God's sake kid, don't let your curiosity lead you to do something that could ruin your life, or even worse, kill you....You want to know what happens with Huffing? Check this out....Intervention, check out Season 5 "Allison"...a pre-med student who became addicted to huffing. A startling but true story...all too common. Watch that and see if you want to huff...
  • I would suggest you check out this site if you have any questions relating drugs, this website will give you 100% truth when it comes to drugs,
  • dont sniff anything, if you need to get high just stick to weed, im not advocating the use of drugs, but sniffing paint and glue can actually kill you
  • Computer duster. I have 2 dead friends from huffing. Good luck, it's like drowning in air, I hear.
  • I get high off a ladder

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