• Not really- compared to America they are relatively close together and small. You'll be knackered and might not see everything, but I think you'll certainly see a lot!
  • No it is easy. It is very small but worth the effort
  • No, it's not. As BAM says things are relatively close together, and if you plan it well it'll be OK. Just be sure to include Liverpool or Manchester on your list :)
  • the science museum and the natural history museum in london are a must, they're both free to visit i think.
  • No it should be fine, but it is important to remember how expensive public transport is in england, a 8 day non consecutive railpass is nearly £400 (so getting on for $800) tells you about the passes (which is the cheapest way) and has some suggested itineries. Other things to check out is national express for coach tickets, and if you're really brave, and don't mind always going via london, try the megabus (just search it) they claim travel for a pound but it's usually more like £5 - however, you have to hold the windows closed and you're lucky if it doesn't break down. Even 'normal' buses are expensive, and unreliable, to travel to my nearest city about 15 miles away cost £6.70 return!
  • No , i's easy , you can throw a stone from London to Birmingham compared to cities in the U.S.A for example.
  • make sure you visit bristol

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