• no absolutely not because a lot of us at least the ones i know think its kinda gross the the super skinny part i mean, i think i would be afraid to break them
  • As long as their pesonality Is great then It's all good.
  • I am sure some do but certainly not all.
  • noooooo . i hate a girl like that . they seem to be attractive in the first look but that kind of girls get boaring after some looking . thats for me . you know they are just like sex dolls . thanks to barbie . i prefer to be with a dark haired and brown eyes.
  • No. Not my thing at all. :) I've got a short, fair skinned, brunette, with green eyes. Wouldn't change a thing.
  • Super skinny?? average will do tanned? I have a thing for light skin. blonde??? brown! blue eyed? yes and no, the color doesn't really matter. The girl that you describe is really what turns me away!
  • No, I like a woman who is for real with a good personality. Most women like this are fake and flaky.
  • super skinny! fu*k no just a big turn off for me and as for the rest i dont really care as i am more interested in who she is as a person
  • I like blue eyed girls, but brown eyes are okay. Pretty face, high cheek bones. Slim to average build. Not too tan, natural complexion works best (even pale). Long, soft hair (blonde, brown, black, doesn't matter). Also, looks aren't everything, a warm, pleasant personality is much more important. About me: blue-eyed, fair-haired, Nordic gentleman
  • ..... nah, I dont like tans!
  • This guy does.
  • Blue eyes -- nope, never. I prefer dark brown eyes, so much sexier. Blondes -- no thank you. Black hair, jet-black is a bonus. Tanned -- not interested. I like naturally dark skin instead. Super skinny -- wrong again. Athletic skinny (a runner's physique) is much more attractive to me.
  • I'm curvy, short, fair-skinned, dark blonde, and hazel-eyed... but I've rarely heard any complaints... Fortunately, my boyfriend isn't dating me based on looks alone... He seems to be attracted to my offbeat humor, psycho-yet-cute attitude, and my way of telling people exactly what I think of them... He loves my faults and virtues, and I'm so glad!
  • I have to be honest, I only date skinny girls. Blonde or Brunette is fine, tanned is great too.

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