• I'm going to assume that this yoghurt is a pro-biotic. That means it feeds the bacteria in your gut as well as possibly containing some bacteria to add to your current flora. It is a nice idea, but there has not been much research into the efficacy of eating these foods. Flora's in the gut differ from person to person, and while some bugs may help you, they may not help the next person. The bacteria may also not live long enough to get though the acidic environment of your stomach, and even it they did, the amount in your yoghurt would be a drop in the ocean in comparison to what live inside you (meaning the effects will not be significant). You can get pro-biotic tablets that contain a much higher level of bacteria (& I found they gave me the runs and I didn't like it!).
  • Tried it...what a rip off price wise!!!! It is like 3 times what regular yogurt costs. I did not notice alot of difference no. Regular yogurt can help also. I decided the cost was not worth next to no difference I noticed in my GI tract. (Your mileage may vary)
  • I tried it, tho only once. Didn't notice one whit of a difference, and the price is not a good value. Didn't like the taste, either :(
  • I did try one once, it obviously wasn't enough to have any effects though. Although my mum does now rollerblade everywhere...
  • I am allergic to the 'good' bacteria they put in it.
  • I tried it and I liked it. I like the flavors and tastes. I know it's expensive but I usually get mine on sale because I use my $1 off coupon.
  • Yes i tried Activa and everything else that is supposed to be good Actimel ect, but i forget to take them so can never really say if they work
  • I tried 14 days of the recommended "two pots a day" I lost the bloated feeling due to the fact that I couldn't afford to buy any other food so I was starving!!!
  • Yes, I've tried it... and will not continue buying it. I had been increasingly getting bloated after eating, grumbling tummy, etc. and the idea of something helping with the problem was attractive. Once I got over the cost of the mini-containers, I started the challenge. I found the blueberry & strawberry flavors very tasty (albeit a tad sweet), so I'll finish off the last 2 in my fridge but will NOT spend any more money on the stuff. There's been no change with the bloating, but now I can add to my concerns more frequent flatulence, more frequent runs to the toilet, more sudden cramping when the toilet calls, and both farts & stool now exuding a stench that has literally cleared entire rooms. I've also done a lot more reading on it lately, and while Activia generally has been helpful for people, there seems to be a significantly large number of people saying it's either not doing anything or (as in my case) is making things somewhat worse. Also, the live culture bacterium in Activia is a trademarked microorganism owned by Danone, marketed with slightly names in different markets... and once you stop eating the stuff it apparently dies back to whatever levels your gut had pre-Activia anyway. No, thanks... I can get equally good taste and less sugar elsewhere for less money without having to worry about being a pariah in enclosed spaces!
  • My fiance did the two week thing and it worked wonders for him. I wish he'd go buy more!
  • I have just started taking an activia a day it seems to work.
  • I tried it, my husband asked me to stop, he kept having to sleep in the living room due to the smell from the gas. I think I passed gas around him more in that one week than I had in our entire 22 year marriage.

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