• All the time.
  • yeah! i drifted through school with BARELY passing marks...and somehow, by some act of god i got accepted to 5 different colleges of my choice
  • Yes, I had low grades in the classes where the instructor did not "challenge" me to learn. A boring teacher produced less than average results for me.
  • Yeah I did from middle school through high school. I'd miss class all the time (One year I was out like 40 days) show up stoned but they'd have to pass me because I'd ace the the finals lol the people that actually tried and got lower than me were pissed
  • Only in history. It was like the teachers talked in a mono sound. Just droning on and on and on...I always slipped a book into class until I got caught and was not allowed to bring any book in except the history book. This particular teacher in my opinion didn't try to engage us. When I went to college in my early 30's the history teacher made things come alive. She engaged us with current event & merged them into her lesson. I was so afraid of not liking history since I never had BUT she made me want to learn once she did this.
  • Never,I was one of the competitors in receiving high grades!
  • In a few subjects, yes
  • in maths at one stage. but I am so competitive (and was so scared of my mother) that I soon picked up.LOL
  • Yea..sometimes, in college. If I get in my "fuck that shit" mood, then you can even fail me and I wouldn't give a crap...not the best quality in me, but still.

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