• Judah means praise and that's one of things I've learned from Judaism. Asking questions and looking at the Bible from multiple perspectives are keys to understanding it. Leaving Egypt was the start of God working powerfully in their lives. The hole concept that two opposing concepts can be true takes understanding God to a new level. I'm grateful for what it has taught me.
  • 1. That Judaism is a belief system, a legal system, a moral code, a heritage and a world view. It is a complex combination of genetic peoplehood and faith based membership. It is simple and yet complicated, distilled to simple rules and governed by extensive understandings. 2. Life has rules. A comprehensive approach to existence governs every aspect of a person's life and also helps codify the distinctiveness of a group. The more a group runs the risk of assimilation, the more it falls back on its regulations to reassert its identity. 3. I would hope that other religions can learn that Judaism's main outlook is that no one who isn't Jewish has to follow Jewish law in order to get to heaven. Don't try to force Jews to follow your laws in order to achieve what you view as a positive afterlife.
  • "It seems that the Jews have a lot of rules." Those rules are called "Halakha" or "how to walk." It also seems Christians have a lot of rules, with the overall purpose of "walking with God": Philippians 2:13:
    • rosends
      Just a note -- "halacha" more accurately means "the path" (though even that is inexact). Though the root is a word that refers to travelling by foot usually, the word is not the same as "how to walk."

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