• Many. Doctors give them out like candy these days
  • Yes, me.
  • i used to be on anti depressants about a year or two back. They are handed out like candy, i was 15 and was determind i didn't need them but pretty much had them forced upon me buy doctors and a therapist. fwaa... thank buggery that time's over!!
  • yup, lots of people.
  • My husband, he has bi-polar disorder. But the medicine doesnt help just makes him flat and apathetic 95% of the time...i hate it.
  • Yes, they're not all that helpful.
  • I was for a long time. they don't work and the side effects are terrible. I agree with Weareallhyprocrites. Doctors seem to be pill pushers instead of trying to treat the issues causing the problem
  • yes I am, members of my family, relatives and i have a couple of friends
  • A few people.
  • I've been on them for about 4 years. It has helped me unless it's just in my mind that it does. But before I took them, I was feeling very insecure, afraid of dying, couldn’t stand being alone, I had to wake my wife up because I had to have someone with me, I think I was in bad shape. It probably started after I lost my only Son in a traffic accident in Castro Valley California. He got struck head on from a wrong way driver. Took it pretty hard, still feel empty without him. After taking the pills it definitely helped me. I tried to get off it after 2 years, and I felt myself slowly moving back to the way I was before taking the pill, so I got back on it, been on it ever since.
  • my fiance is on it due to his ex wife put him through mental hell otherwise he would never have had to take them
  • Yes, I am. And I resent people saying that doctors are handing them out like candy. My doctor has known me for 25 years and recognised the changes in me. That is why she recommended I take medication and get counselling. It has been very helpful.
  • Naw, I flushed mine down the toilet.
  • I am I've been on them for eleven years, I don't do to good off of them I've tried, I'm on zoloft and clonazepam, and I've done fine on them.
  • I was and have been on them for the past 14-15 years now,many different ones but the longest running one was Zoloft(@8 years or so)today I am on a low dose of Celexa with many other mood stabilizers in the mix.
  • Most of the people I know are on them, including myself. I'm sure there are doctors that overprescribe them, but there are certain situations that warrant using them. I've been living with a great deal of stress for the past few years. If I don't take them, I get suicidal thoughts and cry all the time.
  • me,lexapro 20mg every other day,not 10mg daily but 20mg every makes a hugh difference and i have no idea why.
  • Yep and that person would be me.
  • No, but I have been on some in the past. I have also known a few others who had been on them for awhile. +5
  • Yup, I have been on them for years and most of my friends are on them too; guys and girls. Mostly SSRIs I am on 40 mg of Paxil and three of my friends are also taking Paxil for their anxiety/depression issues.
  • I was put on prozac for depression 2 years ago, so was on 20mg, but then they upped it to 60mg to help with Bulimia. My friend is on 40mg for OCD

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