• Too early to tell...I think he is trying, within his scope of experience, but he has an idealistic view of how most Americans cope with their daily lives, and he will end up by failing miserably to live up to his campaign promises.
  • As much as I think Obama has great potential, it's really too soon to say. After all, it's only been a little over two months that he's been in office. That's why I can't understand folks who already say he's doing a "terrible job" or should be "impeached" - give the man a chance, for goodness sakes!
  • I do not.
  • I love what he's doing so far, and I think he'll be the best in my lifetime.
  • I want to. I defend him all the time, but I don't know him personally and it's only been a few months. I like that he's doing a wide variety of stuff. I was very impressed with his Happy Spring Message to Iranians, I like that he is real.
  • I hope he is one, but first, we shall find out...
  • I am with you I believe so too. But you will get alot of negative answers later on about this perhaps. Some folks just do not like him but rarely explain why. He really hasn't been in office long enough to prove any side just yet.
  • I agree with you man. I wish i could give you more points. sorry +1
  • I think it way too early to say if someone is a good president. Its been 2 months, so what do you expect. I do not believe he is a good president yet, but I don't think he is a bad president either, and only time will tell
  • Nope, not at all. A good president won't take the country down the path of self destruction and lead us into socialism.
  • Nope. not at all. He's making a truly good Puppet for the Central and World banks. They have you all fooled.
  • He is a narcissist and a Flaming Liberal...He is going to destroy this country's economy. So you think he is a good president? Do you like big government?
  • He hasn't done anything good yet... so im still waiting to see if it was all for politics or if he's actually going to help...
  • not only good.he is very good.indians like him very much.5
  • I feel for the guy. We're in a situation where playing it safe will probably sink us even deeper. So he's taking some pretty big risks with our future. I guess it all depends on what the results of those risks turn out to be that will determine whether or not he's a good president. I don't envy him one bit
  • I've yet to hear anyone explain what he's doing wrong.
  • Sure do.. I think he's the best we've had in quite some time. A HELL of a lot better than the last turd. ;)
  • I believe he has the potential to be a good president. He's inherited quite a colossal mess from the previous administration. That will take a lot to right all of those wrongs.
  • Too early too tell! Its been little more than 70 days!
  • No I do not. He has not kept one promise from the campaign. His spending is higher than any other president. If you add up all the deficits from all 43 presidents Obama has already gone past that. He has no clue nor care about how Americans think or live. He thinks the only solution to every problem is bigger government. He has no faith in the American people. His stimulus bill was just a trick to get government in control of private businesses. He rules by fear. He has already trampled the constitution, but it's only been a few months let's give the guy a chance.
  • Not raising taxes on lower-income families, not letting corporations give bailout money to executives, lifting bans on stem cell funding and planned parenthood facilities. . . He's only had two months so far, he's going to do much more. I haven't heard anyone mention anything specific about what he's doing wrong, though.
  • Nope, sorry, I don't. I think he is clueless socialist.
  • I honestly hope you see something many dont seem to.To be perfectly honest.I cant honestly say a truly good president would borrow money that cant be paid back.To in some cases fund programs that should have been taken care of years ago.I hope the guy does make a difference.I have to say that till I see more positive things coming out of Washington I will reserve judgement.For the short time he has been there I dont see a truly good president.Is My opinion.Doesnt make it right or wrong.Just Mine.
  • He has been president for about 10 weeks now, which is too short a time to make such a judgement. Give his decisions and policies a chance to take effect and we will see how good a president he is.
  • Tripled the amount of spending that Bush did i eight years, in only three months,...Oh he's doing a fabulous job!!!

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