• Lactic acid buildup.
  • A build up of lactic acid, I believe. It occurs because your muscles are using up energy more quickly than your blood can supply them sufficent oxygen. Because the muscles have an excess of glucose, they break some of it down without oxgen to get extra energy, thus producing lactic acid.
  • its lactic acid. when your muscles work it creates latic acid which is the reason why ppl are sore after working out. the best way to prevent soreness is to take a cold bath after working out. cold water tightens and contracts your muscles which in return increases the blood flow removing the lactic acid and replacing your muscles with fresh nutrient rich blood. you need to take the bath for about ten minutes or so to get it to work.
  • Actually lactic acid causees the next day soreness. Same day muscle cramping is a result of inadequate hydration. The normal person should get at least 64 fl oz of water a day. When you are exercising you should take in anywhere from 80-128 fl oz per day. This should alleviate the cramping. Also, a potassium deficiency could be causing this. Eat a banana before your workout, that should help.
  • dunno, but appartently drinking orange juice and eating oranges can help get rid of cramp (not forever)....i dont know y. anybody else heard about this??
  • Actually its caused by DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) I would google DOMS and learn more about it. Lactic acid 1 to 2 days in muscles after excercise is a myth.
  • probably cause you used your muscles too hard

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