• LOL I don't think there is a consensus. I have been searching. There is a site that claims 1830 in a single turn. Admittedly this Scrabble example is highly contrived. Such a situation it very unlikely to occur in a real game, and if it were to do so your chances of spotting the winning move are slim to say the least. Nonetheless, it explains how high scores of several hundred are possible.
  • I a NORMAL 2 person game I seriously doubt any score over 100. A freind and I set up a game so that one of use got all the good tiles and spaces. The best we got was 98.
  • I know one word that can score over 600, but it requires certain smaller words to already be in specific places and a certain combination of letters on one's rack. I haven't made it myself but one of my Scrabble books gave it as an example. The word was "Trustworthiness".

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