• measure each wall from corner to corner and from floor to ceiling. Round measurements up to the nearest foot. Example: a wall is 12 feet long and 8 feet high. 12' x 8' = 96 sq. feet. Do this for every wall, then add the totals. Next you will need to see what the coverage in square feet is for the paint you choose. Most paints, when applied over like colors or primed walls cover approx. 400 square feet per gallon. Some simple math will tell you how many gallons you need. Always round up to the next gallon to allow for coverage and touch up.
  • Measure height X length for each wall this will give you the square footage of your wall. Add the sqft of each wall together to get your total room sq footage. Then measure those areas that will not be painted in the same manner as the walls (height X length) like windows, vents, built ins. Subtract that number from your total and this will give you the paintable surface area. The can of paint will tell you how much square footage it covers. Paints vary in quality and accidents will happen so always buy a little more than you actually need.
  • lenght x width = square ft, l x w x height= cubic ft. Yay for 8th grade!

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