• Rights.
  • it was a nice idea... too bad it turned out what it is today though
  • document with utmost importance.
  • I think it's good, but the gov't has turned it into something evil because it protects them and not us. In other words, we're given rights by it but we're not protected by it because our gov't does anything that it wants to do.
  • Not a lot, an outdated document that has some bits that relate and others that no longer serve a purpose.
  • A piece of old paper that we all have to follow. So much for our freedom.
  • Not much. I'm an Australian.
  • I think that it is the manifest glory of man. A document which for the first time in human history sets out to affirm the rights of the individual and to set limits on government so as to not violate those rights. It is the culmination of a moral principle stretching from Aritotle through John Locke to the founding fathers. A document which is the envy of the world. "Nothing is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man." [Thomas Jefferson]
  • After 200 years and 4 terms of FDR's bastardization and cancellation of two important original amendmends; it's no longer the doccument that it should be and once was.
  • It meant a lot more before Bu$h decided to use it as toilet paper.
  • the foundation of the united states of america
  • it sets limits on the government and guarantees freedoms to the people. interestingly, the founders fiddled with the idea, when they were writing the bill of rights, to also write a bill of responsibilities of the people. gadz. wouldn't it be nice if everybody who could, voted? wouldn't it be nice if we each corresponded with our legislators? wouldn't it be nice if we the people got ourselves organized so that when the government engages in dysfunctional behavior, we stand up to it and rectify those erroneous actions - in a peaceful and just manner. this might sound weird to many of you, but, to me, it is music to my ears and soul.
  • It is a Written document that must be inforced by the people from those who would enslave them. That is why we vote in representative and must make them do as we desire not as they desire. We have let go to far without tugging on the leash!

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