• That is very painful, but should have cleared up with a broad spectrum antibiotic. I would call your doc and see if he can give you an antiviral med or something, its been too long.
  • The average time for the disorder to clear is 3-4 weeks. GET TO A DOCTOR!! "Some cases of pleurisy clear up by themselves, but it's more likely that your lung problems will get worse. Possible problems include pneumonia or fluid build-up in the lining of the lungs. Some problems can cause damage to the lungs and affect your ability to breathe."
  • I am wondering that myself. I have had pleurisy going on 8 months. I am going Wednesday to see a Pulmonary Specialist. We'll see what they say.
  • Answer 2 and 3 are wrong. If you have the viral form of pleurisy, no antibiotic would work. Antiobotics do not work with viruses. However, the viral form of pleurisy should only last 3-4 weeks. There can also be other causes of pleurisy like, autoimmune disorders or a blunt blow to the chest like what happens in some car accidents. Some people end up with chronic pleurisy. I've had pleurisy for one year and one month. It's the worst thing I've ever gone through. I have dry pleurisy vs. wet pleurisy. I've heard of many people having pleurisy for a year to year and a half, never knowing what caused it. I personally think that stress can tweak something in your genetics to spawn freak issues that you would have never anticipated. At least I'm starting to think that's what happened to me. I've had a doctor put me on fibromyalgia meds to help with the pain, in addition to narcotics like vicodin. I think it is good to continue to see a pulmonologist to track against a baseline and manage your progress. Do you have dry pleurisy?

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