• No, everything they do is very calculated.
  • They want a bag of money to keep quiet. I think they would be defeated rather quickly in a war however, N. Korea is good friends with China and Russia.
  • They don't want war, they want money and legitimacy. Nothing worse than being ignored.
  • If they have Nuke power, they should have invested in the people of North Korea in getting a higher standard of living, and not to live in fear. I feel for the people of North Korea because they are all puppets all trained puppets of the Dictator and government. Nothing he does can be wrong. They cannot speak or make comments about the government or they will get thrown in jail.
  • pure people in North Korea.
  • They will do what they like.
  • With the weapons they have they will do whatever they want as they can take any of us out any time they get ready.
  • Yes, N. Korea isn't the friendlist of nations, but have you heard them say once they are threatening anyone with war? Give them some credit for some intelligence!
  • If you act psycho you can gain a lot. That's basically what their strategy is.

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