• Are you a woman or a man? If you are a woman then you are probably alright. Why would you want to gain weight?
  • I would not worry too much about this. I am 5' 11" and, when I was your age, I had a 30" waist. Now I am much older and my waist is significantly bigger. I long for the metabolism of my youth when I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about my weight. If you really think that your weight is too low, then you should do one or both of the following things. First consult with your doctor. Find out what he says about your weight. Second, start some kind of weight training program. If you are going to add weight, do it as muscle mass rather than fat. (Unfortunately, I am too lazy to take my own advice in this respect. So, start young to develop better habits than I did.)
  • i want to be a little thicker... atleast like 115lbs. and yes i am a women.. my legs are really skinny! and thats embarrasing! i cant even wear a skirt cause i think i would look funny with my chicken legs.. any suggest?
  • Honestly, you are better off seeing a dietician about wanting to put on weight. Yes, there supplements you can take that claim to help you gain weight, but it's always best to seek medical advice from a trained professional (or to see someone who can offer you information on natural medicines, if you prefer). Some supplements are useless, and others have side effects that you may or may not experience. Generally speaking, your dietician should be able to provide you with a fairly easy to follow diet plan that will allow you to gain weight. If I am correct, just like losing weight, gaining weight must be done over some time, for long lasting results to be achieved. Good luck.
  • I would'nt worry about it to much as you get older your metabolism will slow down. Enjoy it while you got it.
  • just be happy u have a fast motabolism!!!
  • Drink an Instant Breakfast with each meal.
  • Plenty of guys think thin girls are hot. Don't worry about it. Unless you're not into that sort of thing... then I'd advise that plenty of GIRLS think thin girls are hot, so don't worry about it. Your body will naturally metabolize down to your natural weight, that's why some girls have to resort to bulemia or diet pills/amphetemines. Overeating is a problem, not undereating. If you just don't eat unless you need to, you'll be fine. Too thin isn't a problem if you eat nutriciously. The only disease I can think of that's related to being a woman and too thin is osteoporosis. Can anyone else think of any more?
  • Without knowing exactly what you are doing now, it would be hard to advise you. Basically, if you are not eating a truly balanced, healthy diet now, start. Eat lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Enjoy wholesome dairy products and eggs to add more calories that will build muscle. Drink plenty of pure water. Exercise moderately, leaning more toward weight work and less toward aerobic workouts. This may not sound too different from a weight loss diet, and it isn't. The fact is, a balanced diet and regular moderate exercise will help with whatever weight problem you are having, whether it is too much or too little. Just be the healthiest you possible! :)
  • Why would you want to change =( I'm 17 and weigh 90 pounds, and I've been given so much crap about my weight. Learn to love yourself for all you are. If you're meant to gain weight then you will, if not just enjoy it! Just focus on eating healthy, and yeah that's all that should matter. I'm sure you look great

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