• Stargate. I just can't get anything out of Battlestar Galactica.
  • The only one I can actually stand to watch is Stargate Atlantis
  • BattleStar. I lost interest in Stargate once Jack left the show. He was the heart and soul of Stargate.
  • BSG is a nice show but hands down I am totally immersed in the whole Stargate program both SG1 & Atlantis as it has given me hundreds of hours of satisfaction. Who can resist cute little Thor the tiny gray alien. I know all the characters, technologies and intricate nuances in the show but I am always learning new things each and every episode. For instance I had now idea that the Atlantis station could obtain space flight. I would love to have a zat gun. I'd take the garbage out and shoot it 3 times until it disappeared. Imagine the possibilities right there. First image is Thor and the last one is Anubis, the greatest threat amongst the Goa,uld.
  • Stargate.

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