• naturally beautiful that only uses a modest amount of make-up to accentuate her looks.
  • I like girls that are naturally beautiful, and breathtaking with a little make up. I.E. my girlfriend :)
  • Natural beauty all the way.
  • Both can look good with today's technology. Some guys prefer different things. For me, if I wake up next to you and you're a different person without makeup then that will take some time to get used to. It's just easier to like someone with natural beauty but that's sometimes hard to come by.
  • Natural. Honest. You girls and your crazy ideas. Like fingernails. Do you HONESTLY think a guy will say to another guy, "Hey, Ralphie, look at that black-haired girl over there. See her nails? I could cum right now!"? No. Makeup on the one Desperate Housewife (I don't know their frickin' NAMES) makes her look like a clown. Look, sure, on a nice formal occasion, it's fun to see you guys all made up and everything, but day to day -- aw, lemme see your freckles!
  • Natural beauty with a hint of makeup if required. Don't go to heavy handed on the makeup please, you look like a cosmetic counter girl in a department store.
  • Natural, my fiancee rarely wears make-up.
  • Nope, lots of makeup. The tartier the better.
  • i like the natural look, but if you use makeup please go lightly on it
  • i dont know any guy who says he likes a naturally unattractive girl.
  • the sexiest, most attractive girl to me is one who is always at my side, backing me up wheither its a fight or a party, or sometimes both! When put to the test, an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.
  • I like natural beauty, when she wakes up in the morning next to me with no makeup on. I used to love looking at my ex wife and ex g/f while they were sleeping. That's not to say either one wasn't hot when they got decked out. I just prefer the former in general.
  • Honestly? Most guys I know could go either way.
  • Natural hands and feet above gobs of cover up and blatant blush
  • I don't believe these guys. I think what attracts men is either a naturally perfect-looking woman (I hate them.) or a woman wearing make-up that LOOKS natural. I certainly doubt a man would be more attracted to a woman with obvious dark circles under her eyes, a big bushy uni-brow, short invisible lashes, splotchy skin, pimples or an unwaxed "girl-moustache" (There are women who deal with many of these things) than a woman who covers and corrects minor blemishes. They just don't want to admit it, either because they truly believe there is a naturally blemish-free woman out there (for them, of course) or because they just like to tell us what they think we want to hear! :p
  • natural beauty any day of the week :)
  • i'm young so whatever looks good looks good it's all forthe moment anyway.
  • My boyfriend doesn't care. He's seen me with makeup once, after almost 2 years of being with me. He says it was cool to see me with makeup, but he also says that I don't need it as he already likes me as I am. He loves me so much. Even when I feel like everyone is more attractive than me, he finds a way to view me as the most attractive person on Earth, no matter what I'm wearing or how I look.
  • I think most men prefer natural beauty, because they get to know who they truly are.
  • it probably depends on the guy since theyre all different
  • one who puts on a face.
  • I prefer the more natural look. Some women plaster their face so heavily they look like a porcelain vase that could crack if they smiled.

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