• I would read it! To judge a book by it's cover tells you nothing at all! :o)
  • Both. While browsing through a bookshop or library, the cover and title are important in catching my attention. After that it's the contents.
  • It's something like reading a person with a a bad cover and not knowing what his personality Is about. I never judge a person without knowing them.
  • Usually the cover, including front and back tells you pretty much all you need to know about a book in the literal sense (pun intended), and if you judge it to be good you can't wait to read what is inside. In the figurative sense, regarding people, the cover cannot tell you what is inside, you have to find out.
  • After reading it, if its from a new author.If known then.........
  • With a book, the contents are pretty much covered on the jacket. With people, sometimes it IS possible to tell from meeting them what they are all about. People tell you alot more than they mean to when they talk.
  • IF I had judged all books by their covers I would never have read any of the James Hadley Chase books as they always had these scantily clad women on the cover:)
  • i can tell by the cover if its going to be my cup of tea or not.
  • i have to at least read the back of it. there have been MANY books that i judged by the cover that werent that great and many ugly books that have been fantastic. like the saying goes never judge a book by its cover. its very true.
  • For a definitive judgment about a book, some reading will certainly be necessary. The cover is important to take the decision of reading further. But there could also be some other reasons, such as reading a critique, watching a report or talking with someone.
  • If a writer winds up with a book on the shelf for us to potentially read - and got it there through a traditional publisher - then the writer may have exactly "zero" to say about what cover goes on the book or what's on the back of the jacket either. Those are sales & marketing decisions made by the publisher. So may or may not match up to "writer's intent or message" about what the book's about. Thus, when in a store with gazillions of book choices, it's often a combination of that "marketing" (ie a book cover) and the title (another thing the writer may or may not have any creative control about. Often publishers change that also) that first get my attention. It had never come to mind to even think about it, but once I learned about writer content vs publisher cover and title? I've learned to give LESS weight to the advertising to give the writer the best shot at getting read!! In fact, I've just begun (in my favorite areas of reading) to notice which covers DO match up with what I read - then to associate that with the PUBLISHER, not the writer. Exagerated or right on the money? I've read science fantasy books where - if I'd gone by the cover alone - I wouldn't have read it! But I knew the writer, so went with it. Publisher didn't do any favors by putting some fantastic graphic on the cover. Now if you managed to keep reading through all those words about books - literally? And you see how often we DO that but really it's not wise to? Imagine then, with people. MUCH more than the cost of a book at stake though. Appearances CAN be deceiving ... in lots of different directions. Good maybe isn't. Bad maybe isn't. And so on. No, people need time and attention .. letting action speak volumes about their words. Worth the time to find out though. :) Good question.
  • I need to at least have a flick through;0)
  • is best to read i have found to my cost
  • Yes, usually I can. I can spot "Chick Lit" at 20 paces. I won't read that crap with your eyes. Oh and I don't read what Oprah tells me to read either.
  • I may judge a book by its author..but no never by the cover..
  • No, but most people do.
  • You can not judge it, but get a pretty good idea, but you need to read it to make a decision.
  • before i judge anything i read the back to get better idea and if it sounds interesting to me then i'll read it.
  • Before i say anything about it, I would read it, then go from there.+5
  • you can never judge a book by it's cover. Some books look appealing from the book jacket, but there terrible pieces of trash, like people too. I like reading the book and getting familiar with the book and then making my judgment.
  • just read it...
  • I would read it ........................if I liked the cover
  • Well I usually do judge it by its cover...
  • If the author is smart, He will make a good cover.
  • Couldn't fairly judge a book if I didn't read it. +4
  • Its the inside cover where a synopsis of the story is that will be my decision maker.
  • no, i would need to read it

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