• An enemy would be a person who has malicious intent towards you. Do I have any? I think that to some extent we all do.
  • If I do I am totally unaware of which case it would be irrelevant since it wouldn't affect me one way or the other.In terms of defining what an enemy is, there is no one definition. For me it would be someone whose goal was to harm to me in some way. Happy Monday Mr. Jones.
  • Not that I know of. I am sure I have many who do not like me at all but I would not call them an enemy but rather unfriendly. An enemy to me would be someone who wished you dead.
  • the only enemy i have right now is time to get better
  • I to have enemies - my enemies are people who do not value life and freedom. IMHO
  • no i dont have any .. i dont know the meaning of this word .. there is no such kind of word in my dictionary
  • Thankfully I have been very careful not to have any enemies. I will define an enemy as one who is not a well wisher and who will go to any extent to see that misfortune befalls you.
  • I think everybody has people they DO NOT like, but I don't have full fledge enemies!!
  • Oh yes. There's always someone ready to be jealous or mean. Isn't that just part of life?
  • I can only think of one person I would class as an enemy, although there are probably a few who don't like me, but that isn't the same thing. An enemy is someone you HATE, and wish harm on, and this feeling is reciprocated.
  • I define an enemy as being one who systematically and/or maliciously, sets about to bring sorrow and/or pain to the life of another. ~ The only enemy i have ever known in my entire life, is my own child.
  • An enemy for me is a person that wants to hurt me by all means and also tries to get me down. Who doesn't want my good and happiness. I think many people hide their true colors so it's difficult to distinguish their tru feelings.

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