• Were you playing outside in dust? Did you visit Mars in your sleep? Have you spray painted anything orange?
  • Do you drink a lot of Monster Energy, Full Throttle, Red Bull or other energy drinks containing Taurine? The dyes used in these drinks are so potent they will stain your whole mouth and leach up into your sinuses when you sleep. Taurine also has bizarre effects. I know someone who drank 5-6 Red Bulls a day and stopped, and could not remove the red stain from his tongue nor the metallic taste for over a week.
  • The same thing happened to me during football. It turned out that I was having way too much gatorade, and my mucus adopted the color of my gatorade (uh....yea, orange, like you). Just bring down your energy drink/gatorade consumption, there's a point when water is just fine.
  • You most likely have an upper respitory infection, go to the doctor to check this out.
  • Unless you are coughing and feeling ill, you probably inhaled a dust which has this color. A co-worker of mine found his was red after working at a steel mill. Most mucus colored by illness looks yellow or green. Blood tinged is pink to red.
  • maybe you are an alien and your parents never told you?
  • Probably food dye or something you inhaled. Been eating those FrootLoops again? *wink*
  • I have orange snot too. It's nothing to do with having too many energy drinks, it's a sinus infection I developed from a bad head cold. Antibiotics will clear it.
  • This has to be the worse blog website I have ever seen. There are just dumb people with nothing better to do. Per other websites, orange snot is bleeding in the sinus cavity. After one day, mine cleared up. But, what a freak to see orange snot.
  • you snorted some of that synthetic TCH derived at the Berkly University... probably not but its possible... I was way off wasen't I

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