• first of all who cares about the declinging whatever, look at paris hilton. she got where she is with, well, lets just say and "average" mind. second of all, not everyone makes fun of dorks, and some people like to study
  • Very good point. I agree with you.
  • Schools are not to blame. The teachers are willing, the school is there and willing, but some students do not want to be students. Thus, the students problems at home are being taken right into the classroom and everyone suffers. Teachers are not babysitters. they are teachers. If a person hates school and tries to make it a party time....all the time, this student should be expelled. Let the students that want to learn, learn and weed out the trouble makers.
  • Because popculture has nothing to do with the quality of the US education system. Your confusing the choices of students with the quality of teachers. If a kid doesn't wanna go to school, thats his choice. But if a teacher doesn't know what they're doing, its the schools resposibility to replace them.
  • Try being a teacher for a little while and your stance on this would look a lot different. I could see both sides being presented in the answers to this question until I became a teacher. When I started studying the Federal laws and programs that pertain to public schools, my views got a lot different. According to the constitution, the Federal Government was never supposed to have ANY involvement in public schools, but it found a back way in. They offer money to the schools, and any school that takes that money has to comply with Federal law. That Federal involvement is where much of the problem comes from. Its politicians meddling where they ought not meddle. When my mother was in school, a teaching degree was a two year program for all but high school teachers. Nonetheless, my mother graduated high school with more credits in more subjects than the college students she was teaching up until two years ago, just before she died. She had taken Latin, Chemistry, Physics, Trigonometry, Geometry, 4 years of History, Phys ed, and Spanish in High School. Most of the kids she was teaching in College never had the first class in Latin, Chemistry, Physics or Geometry by the time they finished their bachelor's. The problem is that in try to be all things to all people, the schools now offer very little to most students. All they have is college prep, and they don't even do that well anymore. The prevailing attitude is that all kids MUST graduate from college, even the ones with learning disabilities, whether they want to or not and whether we need skilled labor or not. We still need plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, concrete workers, and landscapers, just to name a few, but our schools don't have a trade school track anymore. The kids who don't plan to go to college and don't want to go to college get bored by about sixth grade and begin to cause problems because they realize full well the schools have little more to offer them. They can't legally drop out until they are sixteen, so they mark time and disrupt class instead of learning something useful. Meantime, the kids that actually are college bound can't concentrate or learn anything, because they are being distracted by the ones who are just waiting to drop out. I am all for allowing kids with a disability to go for any goal they want. If a kid with a learning disability wants to go to college, by all means pull out all the stops and help them get there. But don't force them to do it against their will when they really want to be a mechanic. If the kid wants to be a mechanic, then help him be a mechanic. Our cars still need to be worked on. We can't outsource that to India. And don't force a kid without a disability to go to college against his will either. Truth be told, a bulldozer operator made more money than I made teaching with 24 hours toward a Master's degree.
  • For the most part I agree with this.Teachers, schools, school environment and available equipment, teaching methods, and school districts get the blame for students doing poorly. Ultimately it is the responsibility of each student to make the effort to learn and if they refuse to do that nothing else is going to make them a better student. I am a believer in a 2 tiered school system where students who do the work are separated from students who refuse to do the work. That would be the incentive for students keep up and do the work and the losers and behavior problems would not be a distraction.
  • People look for the, "quick fix, easy way out," and that finger pointing almost never acknowledges its own part in the process. I wish it was an just a problem of education. That might be repaired. But the problem is much more broad.

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