• They don't want to go out with women smarter then them.
  • There are probably several good reasons, but the first one that comes to mind is that some (not all) men take a long time to get over proving their manhood to other men. They will choose good looks over anything else. As their own looks begin to fade, they realize that looks had little to do with quality in the first place, and will seek out a woman with substance accordingly.
  • When who is middle-aged? The men or the smart women? _____________________________________________ OK - the men. Because when men are middle-aged THEY are smarter and have realised that smart women are more fun! ☺ +
  • Many men are intimidated by smart women regardless of age.
  • We avoid those kind of women until we are ready for all the things women who consider themselves smart demand: a house, financial stability, emotional stability, etc. Until then we are just looking for something fun.
  • As a guy I have to say, when I was single I couldn't stand going out with a woman who was a "Dull bulb" We would have nothing in common, and the conversation fizzled out quickly. I loved dating a smart woman, that's why I married one, and why we're still together after 30 years. I think I'm bright enough not to let a good "catch" go.
  • Because that's when a lot of them start to get smart themselves!
  • I got mine at age 19(we both were 19). She left at middle age.
  • Same reason women don't go for 'good men' until they are 72.
  • it's because they're gonna be teased that they're going out with a nerd
  • Ego can't stand to be outdone by a woman as the guys will never let you live it down.
  • Men tend to go for smart women when they're middle aged because middle age is when MEN first become smart.
  • Hey I want a smart middle agged woman. But she has to be cute too.
  • When we're middle-aged, we take whatever we can get. :-) Actually, it takes a few years to discover that (some) women are more than mere T&A. When we're young, we don't care if women are as dumb as compost, as long as they'll put out. I think this is pretty obvious. It's a *physical* thing, not based on sage wisdom and deep philosophical pondering. A young girl may be looking for someone to hold her, stare into her moist eyes, and say, "I love you forever." That's what HER hormones tell her SHE wants. Guys have different hormones. It's not our "fault"; it's just nature. Remember, we're all animals. Life means the survival of our DNA. That's a physical thing. Love among human animals is brand-new in our evolution. We're still working the bugs out.
  • I thought all the smart ones are taken? Where do you find one single?
  • It takes them longer to mature and realize what a "good thing is" ...just a guess
  • some they don't even go when they are middle aged.
  • Met my wife in a computer design class & wasn't middle aged.
  • i think only the dumb men do that. lol
  • i have always like smart women, i just think they were smart enough to know what i was after when i was younger. I sure didn't want to commit to a lasting relationship
  • You kidding right? My Dad went for my Mum because she was so smart, but she got bored so easily being stuck at home with babies/small kids all day "keeping house". When a woman gets bored..... In my opinion, lots of guys do go for smart women but then when they are together they just want a homemaker and think they can break the smart womans spirit. I believe this to be of the biggest causes of divorce in the middle/upper classes.
  • It's about sex when we are young and then we realise it's so much more than that, I love a woman who I can hold a conversation with and has her own opinion and knowledge, I like to learn and someone else can teach you a lot, I don't want someone just like me as that would be boring.....
  • I think only dumb men do that. I would love to date a smart woman who can hold a conversation. Not too smart where it turns to boring though and talks about maths theory and science! She gotta be able to have fun and have a bit of inner child in her! (i'm 21) It's not just males that do it. I could ask why women don't seem to go for smart men until they are older.
  • They don't want the smart woman at that stage of a relationship because the non-smart girls will give them all they want and the smart ones won't. However, later in life, most of the smart girls will be happily married and the men who were not, originally, interested in smart women now want that type. Hopefully, they won't find one because all the smart women are now all happily married to decent smart men. Just a few losers will find a rare smart woman from the earlier time but many, I believe, will be left with no-one or someone less than what they had hoped for. Those men who didn't want the smart women earlier will realise they missed the boat.
  • I guess that's just the way things you. In my experience, it certainly isn't true...though it IS true that SOME men, because of ego issues, prefer their "significant other" to be less intelligent than them.
  • I have always pursued smarter women, but I am too fat and ugly, so I had to spend my time accepting that I was fat and ugly.
  • When they are young, they are interested in looks.

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