• No. Even if you believe in God, it is hard to see how God would want to punish you for not sharing in this perverse belief.
  • Thats interesting... because according to Judaism Satan is not really something you can't believe. Satan is really a personification of our selfish desires, and its not possible to believe that selfish desires do not exist. I will get back to you with another answer... :) Edit: I can't get access to a Rabbi at the moment.
  • No, Jehovah God will not punish you. We serve a loving and caring God.
  • I don't think any 'good' power would punish you for not believing in an 'evil' power... That being said though, if you are coming from a Christian viewpoint with this question, it is a contradiction to believe in the existence of God, but not in the Devil, as without one, there is no comparison for the other (Things can't be 'good' or 'evil' if they are the ONLY thing which exists, good and evil are relative)... Thus, because God is meant to be a 'good' force, there must also be an 'evil' force, which is also clearly described in the Bible to be the Devil :) If you aren't coming from a Christian viewpoint, the same will likely apply; something can't be 'good' unless there is an opposing force for it to be compared to, just as something can't be 'evil' unless there is something 'good' for it to be compared with
  • It depends on which mythical god you choose to believe and whether or not you believe non-existent beings can punish you for disbelief of other non-existent beings.
  • i dont think so

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