• Well, I got mine when I bought my PS2 which came in a bundle pack with a network adapter. I got it at EB games, so I suggest calling EB games and asking if they have any start up discs. If not, I dont know what to tell ya.
  • Well you can always go on ebay normally they cost about $2.00
  • i got mines from a friend thru ebay. try there
  • ring sony they will be able to order you one 4 around $5
  • To answer the question: "Where can I obtain or download a Network Adapter Start-up Disk for my PS2?" Go to this Site: "Online PS2 games with the Startup Disk Built into them." P.S. SONY no longer sells the Network Adapter Start-up Disk for ps2! Also, make sure to thank "teh2Dgamer" at his 2 websites:

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