• The government should not be involved in these issues for once that pandora's box is opening than many more social rights will be tampered with.
  • Im not sure if you have seen the women in the news that had octuplets and basically no money. But she shouldnt have been aloud to have kids when she has no money and pretty much no way to raise these children.
  • YES the octuplets mother is a PERFECT example people who preform extreme child abuse, any sexual abuse, chooses their addictions over their children and i strongly believe that there should be a limit to the number of children each family has earth is grossly over populated people sho have a large number of blood children purposfully are just selfish
  • There should be. I had a client with an IQ of 70(mentally disabled...aka reterded). I found that she had lost two kids to DYFS before I reperesented her (pro bono), couldn't get her to keep the kid that I was involved with. While that case was going on she had another one, which I heard was taken and I have since heard she has had two more which were taken. Sad example.
  • yes, I think there are a few circumstances pedophiles have no business raising a child, the amount of damage they could cause is far too high a price Same for very violent people... most people occasionally slam doors or punch walls, but there are plenty that are too out of control Also, people that are mentally incapable of raising a child due to retardation or mental illness. However, I also believe the decision should be made as a consensus among experts... perhaps a doctor, a psychologist and a social worker would have to all agree. There would have to be a safety net involved to prevent an over-zealous use of such a law.
  • No. However I do believe in circumstances where we the people should be able to ban the gov's right from reproducing.
  • YES, I do ... Like when people have more children than they can take care of and the TAXPAYER has to foot the bill thru welfare etc .....
  • Yes there should be. The earth is quickly getting more and more crowded. Besides, I don't really understand why people feel the need to have kids anyways...Why would you want to bring up children in this messed up world.
  • Yes. I think that if someone repeatedly has children and does not care for them they should be sterilized.
  • I believe that the government is too controlling of us already, but in some circumstances(like if you've put more than 6 kids up for adoption)People should not be allowed to have children.
  • the government is there to provide help for us where we need it or where it can, with all its resources, do a much greater job (e.g., provide a public education system that i could never do). the government must step in a provide limitations to protect the interests of the public or itself, in my opinion. if a woman has 6 kids and she knows she's going to have 8 more, perhaps the government has an interest in stepping in to save the health of remaining kids and limit its own outlay. multiples like this, especially when 3 of the previous 6 also have problems, suggests to me that the next 8 are also likely to require extensive medical intervention. a hundred thousand here and a hundred thousand there all so that a kooky person can say she has lots of kids? i don't think it's fair to the taxpayers. sure, if she had a couple, and one needed medical intervention, then, yes, the government ought to be there for the child. but, 14? enough!!! now, there are also other times. what about a disorder like huntington's disease, in which children are sentenced to a life of hell? shouldn't the knowing father not bread, so that the disease ends and children aren't subjected to the horrors of this disease? should somebody like hitler be allowed to have kids? what about other sadists / mass murderers? what about somebody, like susan smith, who has already killed her two adorable sons? it's an awfully high risk to let her have a third child! two individuals with significant developmental delays can sexually function and give birth, but, the children are at increased risk of expensive developmental delays (say, the cost to the state is $125,000 a year) and the parents are at increased risk of not being able to fully care for their child. what about the severely mentally ill who have a very high, say 50% genetic probability that their offspring will have their mental illness? again, mental illness costs the taxpayers a lot of money ... some of the worst criminals have antisocial traits that genetically often extend to their children ... ought they be allowed to have children given the 25% chance that their child will also murder and end up in prison for life? what about CEO's without a conscience or politicians, who are likely to, through bad parenting and example, show their children that it's okay to steal billions of dollars? what about folks of any ethnic or religious or national or sexual orientation whom we don't like? gadz. it's a very slippery slope. i can justify in my own mind saving taxpayers money, especially when the evidence is strong and the child will likely be greatly suffering. but, it's so easy to turn so programs into pogroms, committing genocide of those we just don't like or agree with ... it's scary. i don't know where to begin ... great question!!!
  • If you asked me that a month ago, I would have said absolutely not. I still don't believe we should take anyone's rights away. We are privileged to freedom here in the US. But I think the stupid woman who bore 14 children through IVF, and expects the taxpayers to foot the bill, made me think twice about that. I still say no, but I think if someone decides to do something that idiotic, we shouldn't have to pay for her mistakes.
  • i think if a person has ONE child that they have abandoned, they should be sterilized so that they cant make any more children to abandon!!! Same with child abusers; one chance only!
  • If you are already living on Social Security and taxpayers are paying to keep the children you have. If you cannot afford to keep children that you have you should not have more.
  • I'm sure they will some day.
  • other governments do it, like japan and china.

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