• Good grades are much more important. Friends and popularity fade and disappear. Knowledge sticks with you forever.
  • getting good grades so you can get into a good collage and find a job that pays well.
  • Depends what you want in life. I do not agree that these are mutually exclusive, but more of a choice of degrees. For example to study for your finals for the masters degree that you have been pursing for seven years or go to a bar with your drinking buddies night after night would seem like a no brainer to me. However in the same example to take a weekend to attend a family reunion {or maybe one night at the bar}, I would put the schooling aside for a while. Balance is the trick, it can vary greatly from person to person and can be hard to strike.
  • no comparison there.getting good grade is always important for our soul.we should not try to find peace in material things.peace in your mind n heart always.god bless u.
  • Getting good grades.
  • If you ask the child going through school, most would probably say being popular, because to not be popular they feel they may end up being the subject of ridicule by their classmates or ignored altogether. Ask the adult the same question, most would say getting good grades, because by this point in their lives they've realized that school was just one small part of their life and the grades aspect had more of an impact on their future. When I was growing up, I didn't care about either one. I just wanted it all to be over with and move on. Wish I could go back and focus on the grades aspect now. Friends can fall by the wayside like leaves on a tree during autumn, but your grades(brain power)stays with you throughout your lifetime, barring any major head injury.
  • Getting good grades :)
  • "Popular" is ephemeral and relies on the acceptance of others. It is entirely extrinsic. Getting good grades means you are learning and retaining what you learn...that is long-term. You only rely on yourself to extract from a teacher or a class or books what is important. You don't do the work, you don't get the grades. :)
  • From the perspective of the kid going through it, popularity is more important at their present moments. Good grades carry far more long term and lifelong/overall value...provided you actually learned the material and didn't just cheat. Lifelong benefits should almost always outweigh immediate gratification in decision making if you wish for a better life overall compared to continually pursuing immediate gratification at the expense of long term empowerment...unless your birth certificate has a near-approaching expiration date you can use in your planning.

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