• my husband got one on a beach once, so i had to sit on it. i didnt mind. another time was in a sauna like you have experienced however he told me the man next to him took quite a shine he has never been back since how do you react to them?
  • No but I've seen a few. And I didn't even have to pay.
  • yes. I was a bit embarrassed to be naked, i'm not much of a nudist. They just averted their eyes, some of them.
  • When my wife and I visited a nude beach for the first time I got an erection and ejaculated on the spot, without any hand stimulation,when a woman bent over near me and I saw her vagina spread apart.
  • Yes, a couple of girls were flirting with me and i got hard, i lay on my front before they could see it but they continued messing around with me trying to get to see it. I eventually rolled over so they could see it, they were quite surprised by the size of it, i was quite surprised by how much they, and a couple of other women in the vicinity, wanted to see it and enjoyed seeing it.
  • ------------->run for the water<-----------
  • In a sauna and steam room and really its not that big a deal, as long as you leave it alone you're fine, let it sway for all to watch.
  • When i was a teen i always got erections in the locker room after i went swimming and it was really embarassing b/c only guys were around. Once a girl from school walked in tho and saw it. I also got a lot in public pools and it would stick out of my bathing suit. It did that when i was in the pool with my sister: She saw it, rubbed it a little, and then left it alone
  • Yes, I have had erections at nude beaches several times. Usually I just turn over and lie face down. But a couple of times I've lied on my back and pretended to be asleep. It was a real thrill knowing other people could see it, which just made it all the more harder.
  • Yes, on naturist beaches in France. Once I was walking along the water's edge with my wife when I got a hard-on - we just continued, and nobody seemed to mind. In fact, a few women gave me sly little smiles as we walked past!
  • I once went to a nude sauna and while talking to a girl in the sauna got an erection (I couldn't resist her shaven vagina). Neither of us said anything about it, although I noticed she clearly glanced at it from time to time. She was also conscious of it because she warned me when some other people were approaching.
  • My family started going to nude beaches when I was about 13. As you can imagine this was a very exciting and horrifying thing for a kid that age. Well on one of my first trips I was off swimming with some kids my age and I had this erection I couldn't get rid of. Well everybody was going in to get ice cream and I had to tell them I couldn't. This one very cute girl asked me why not. I explained to her that I had an erection and didn't want to get in trouble. She seemed unimpressed and swam over to me. Then she said "hold on" and she grabbed me. She gave me a quick handjob, until I was finished and then just said ,"alright, let's go." It sounds weird to say but it was actually not sexual at all, it was just like she was helping out. I told her thanks, and she said no problem, and we got ice cream.

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